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Samsung Galaxy S22 Might be Cheaper Than We Thought

Samsung Galaxy S22

We reported last month that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will cost roughly Rs. 170,000 in Pakistan. This speculation was based on the flagship handset’s European cost, but we now have a more precise figure for Pakistan.

This is because Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, who has a history of being spot-on with his leaks, has recently revealed the Galaxy S22’s American pricing. According to him, the vanilla S22 would start at $800, and given that Pakistan follows American pricing, we estimate it to cost roughly Rs. 140,000.

Leaked images of the Galaxy S22 Ultra

The $800 price tag is in line with the Galaxy S21’s launch price, implying that earlier rumours that the S22 will cost the same as the S21 were correct. In the United States, Prosser reports that the S22 Plus will cost $999 and the S21 Ultra will cost $1,199.

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If the report is accurate, Samsung has made a wise decision, as the iPhone 13 series and the Google Pixel 6 series offer stiff competition. Xiaomi 12 is also about to go global.

The Galaxy S22 series’ debut and delivery dates have also been provided by the informant. He claims that pre-orders for the flagship lineup will begin on February 9th, but that only the S22 Ultra will begin arriving on February 25th. On March 11th, the S22 and S22 Plus are slated to be released.

The video below contains Jon Prosser’s thorough report.


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